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Coffee, Tea, Spices & Snacks

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Catbird Coffee Roasters

Catbird Coffee Roasters is locally owned and roasted in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. All of their specialty coffee is sourced through reputable importers, who are committed to sourcing sustainable and ethical green coffee. This allows farmers to be paid a fair price for their crops and is better for the Earth. Additionally, all of their coffee is packaged in compostable packaging as part of their commitment to sustainability.


FreshJax Organic Spices

FreshJax® is a family-owned organic spice company based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Our mission is to excite taste buds, inspire healthy living, and end childhood hunger. We are obsessed with sourcing the best pure and organic ingredients from around the globe. Professional chefs and home cooks alike enjoy our handcrafted, easy-to-use seasoning blends and diverse selection of single-ingredient spices in their own kitchens.
Every purchase from FreshJax helps donate a meal to feed a child facing food insecurity. With the support of our fans, we have donated over 501,110 meals to children in need through Hunger Fight, Feed the Children, and Feeding America.


MaxJax Hot Sauce

Madigan Craft and Custom is dedicated to making the absolute best hot sauces and condiments you can find.  Every recipe is hand crafted, in small batches from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible.  Everything is packaged by us, labeled and ready for sale.  You won’t find fresher product on the market. 


Tranquilitea Steeping .Co

"Throughout the world, one beverage that has been used for medicine, energy, a dessert, sleep aide and more is Tea. TSC believes in offering some of what we've learned from our vast travels around the world.  We've met with tea house owners, farmers, and tea drinkers from many regions of the world, putting together blends that offer our customers a taste to what has been enjoyed for centuries.  We believe in the importance of bringing our customers a taste and experience of what some of these cultures have been embracing for ages."

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