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Featured Artist

Meet Gail Beveridge 

Our featured arist for July, 2023


Gail Beveridge is a celebrated artist known for her captivating paintings of the diverse landscapes of Northeast Florida. Her work goes beyond visual representation, capturing the mood and feeling that inspires each piece. Gail's paintings have earned recognition in national exhibitions and won numerous awards. Gail's art has been featured at prominent venues, including the Jacksonville International Airport and The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. She continues to create and inspire from her base in St. Augustine, Florida.”

Artist Statement

“My work celebrates the diverse landscapes of Northeast Florida.  With its temperate weather, our region offers year-round access to the outdoors and a wealth of subject matter for the painter. I interpret the landscape not as it appears to the eye, but rather as the mood of the moment, capturing the feeling that inspired the painting. As our wild places continue to be compromised by development, invasive species and climate change, I find it important to be an advocate through my work in the hope that viewers will come to appreciate these natural wonders by experiencing them firsthand.” 

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