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Arden is an artist who creates sculptural jewelry and three dimensional objects. Polymer clay and stainless steel are her medium. Color, texture & shape are her tools. Using polymer and mixed metals as her palette, she creates art jewelry that is inspired by natures graceful forms combined with clean geometric shapes. Simple forms combined to create intricate, layered compositions; feminine, classic, and playful.


Handcrafted and nature-inspired jewelry. AnnaRose and Korena met at a local moms' bible study in Jacksonville, Florida. They bonded over being new moms, digging into the Bible, and coffee! 


"Bead jewelry has been my creative love for over 10 years and has become a major part of who I am. Describing my bead jewelry is difficult.  It is very different from the usual string of beads.  Much of the work in making the piece consists of making ‘bead fabric’ one bead at a time with needle and thread.  I invite you to discover the craftsmanship in the bead fabric.”


“I am immersed in the process of working various metals into one-of-a-kind fashion statement pieces for women.  Inspired by vintage notions and memories of the past I work hard to bring a nostalgic feel to my designs. Wearing and designing jewelry has always been an interest of mine.  I have arrived where I am today by studying under many talented artists and spending a lot of time in my studio enjoying the creative journey."

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