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Blown Glass & Ceramics


Tim Bullard's work includes Horse Hair RAKU born from smoke and fire, illustrated porcelain, and tortured surface sculptures and vases.


Burnt Glassworks was founded in 2014 by Andy and Jessica Peters to create work, teach glassblowing, and provide studio access to other artists in Northeast Florida.


Brian Frus is an artist, professor, designer, and curator who has specialized in Glass Art for over 25 years. His artwork is inspired by the natural world, and his sculptural works enhance many private and public spaces.


Steve Frazier, enamored with clay's tactile allure since undergrad, delves into the entire ceramics process, from shaping to kiln firing. Wood firing captivates him, yielding unique surfaces through the interplay of burning wood ash and clay. While savoring the challenges of extended wood firings, he equally enjoys the immediacy of earthenware. Influenced by predecessors and inspired by the boundless human spirit, Frazier's art is fueled by a love for process and an exploration of form and surface in ceramics.


Stephen Heywood holds a Bachelor's in ceramics from Southern Utah University and a Master of Fine Arts in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He's a highly accomplished artist, having exhibited in over 200 national shows and international events. He represented the US at the First International Ceramics Journal Editors Symposium in China in 2004 and won the Craft Award at the Westmoreland Arts National in 2011. His work is influenced by architectural structures and often combines wheel-thrown and hand-built elements to create functional sculptures. Heywood is currently an Associate Professor of Ceramics at the University of North Florida.

MeganReid_Gold Doesn't Fix Everything I.jpg
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Megan Reid, a Northeast Florida-based mixed media sculptor specializing in ceramics and glass, holds a degree from Jacksonville University. Her captivating artwork, inspired by natural biomes and design movements, serves as a powerful platform for environmental conservation. Beyond her creative pursuits, Megan is a registered yoga teacher and an active contributor to local beach cleanup efforts as a firefighter. Committed to positive change, she repurposes materials in her art, emphasizing the importance of avoiding a 'throwaway lifestyle' in today's era. Through her talent, Megan not only creates beauty but also inspires environmental action and community engagement in Northeast Florida.


Kathy Skaggs has a Masters Degree in Education (Rhode Island School of Design), a Masters in Fine Arts/Ceramics (University of Florida) and spent more than 30 years teaching in the Florida Public School System. She is an NEA Grant Recipient, has worked at the Penland School of Crafts, the Cleveland Art Institute; and has been an Adjunct Instructor at University of North Florida, and the University of Florida. Currently she is a studio artist and consultant for AMACO where she helps teachers integrate ceramics into their classroom curriculum.  

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