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T David Downs

Burnt Glassworks 

Burnt Glassworks was founded in 2014 by Andy and Jessica Peters to create work, teach glassblowing, and provide studio access to other artists in Northeast Florida.


Tim Bullard

Tim Bullard's work includes Horse Hair RAKU born from smoke and fire, illustrated porcelain, and tortured surface sculptures and vases.


Brian Frus

Brian Frus is an artist, professor, designer, and curator who has specialized in Glass Art for over 25 years. His artwork is inspired by the natural world, and his sculptural works enhance many private and public spaces.


Doug Eng

Doug Eng is a photographer and installation artist whose visual interests are urban and natural landscapes. Eng’s recent projects focus on raising awareness of social and environmental issues. An engineer and software programmer by education and trade, Eng is pursuing a lifelong interest in the visual arts and has established a reputation for unique imagery and meaningful public projects.

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Mindy Hawkins

Mindy Hawkins has been creating gourd bird sculptures for eighteen years. She carves, wood burns, paints, and dyes to turn the fruits into works of art.

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Ed Malesky

Ed Malesky is an artist that loves creating beautiful objects from wood. He has always enjoyed working with wood but the focus on making art didn’t seriously take hold until after he retired from the paper and chemical industries. Although Ed had been making some wooden furniture before retiring, it was the advice of his financial planner who told him to buy something that he really wanted to focus on to commemorate his retirement. He selected a large professional lathe as his choice, and never looked back.



Candleleaf is co-owned by Amy Shepherd and Ashley Nichols, who create candles with natural ingredients such as soy wax, toxin-free fragrance oils, and cotton wicks.


T David Downs

David Downs paints the feelings we don’t have language for, the fleeting and ineffable scenes and situations one encounters at the edge of the truly wild.


Serenity Bath & Body Care

Serenity Bath & Body Care's products are handcrafted in small batches with natural ingredients that help promotes stress relief, relaxation, and self-care. Founder and CEO Latisha Whitfield is a Jacksonville native.


Paul Ladnier

Paul Ladnier, University of North Florida Professor Emeritus, taught painting and drawing for nearly forty years. He received numerous awards and recognition for the quality of his teaching and dedication to his students, the community and the university. Paul continues to travel, paint, exhibit his works, teach privately at his CoRK studio and conduct painting and drawing workshops.

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Chip Southworth

Chip Southworth is a renowned artist known for portraits, political and street art. He considers himself equal parts artist and activist.

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Aisling Millar McDonald

Aisling Millar McDonald was born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to Florida in 1994. She moved to Jacksonville in 2000 to attend the University of North Florida, and graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Sculpture. She received her MFA in Sculpture from East Carolina University. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of 3-D Design at UNF. Aisling has completed public sculpture commissions for the City of Amelia Island, the City of Atlantic Beach, and the Jax Chamber. She works with clay, steel, and iron creating both large and small scale projects.


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