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Burnt Glassworks was founded in 2014 by Andy and Jessica Peters to create work, teach glassblowing, and provide studio access to other artists in Northeast Florida.


Linda Speed is a self-taught artist, mastering the technique of alcohol ink. Alcohol ink is an acid-free, vibrant, highly saturated, alcohol-based liquid dye most often moved by an air source such as a hand blower/puffer, an airbrush, or a compact hairdryer.  Linda has also conquered the difficult task of painting with these inks using a paintbrush.  All her work is sealed with an archival, UV protector.  


Ed Malesky is an artist that loves creating beautiful objects from wood. He has always enjoyed working with wood but the focus on making art didn’t seriously take hold until after he retired from the paper and chemical industries. Although Ed had been making some wooden furniture before retiring, it was the advice of his financial planner who told him to buy something that he really wanted to focus on to commemorate his retirement. He selected a large professional lathe as his choice, and never looked back.

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