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Sculptures & Table Art

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Maribel Angel's first language was Spanish, then English. Faced with this language barrier at an early age, art was the only way she knew how to communicate, through symbols, pictures and colors. .Always a painter, and always finding beauty in found objects. Each assemblage in the CooCoos Nest collection was created to honor the past, and rediscover a new purpose for the lost and forgotten, adding a bit of whimsy and humor to the world. 

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Daniel, a dedicated wood artist, responsibly sources materials from fallen trees and discarded pieces. His work thrives on imperfections, yielding delightful results. Introduced to woodturning in junior high, Daniel's passion was rekindled later, leading to his own studio. His turned wood art truly shines in person, offering a unique, multi-dimensional experience. 

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David, an architect turned sculptor since 1971, has exhibited his laminated wood sculptures in over 20 U.S. states. His work graces corporate collections and permanent exhibits at the Orlando Museum of Art (FL), the Huntsville Museum of Art (AL), and the Wiregrass Museum of Art (Dothan, AL). In 1978, he was honored with an Individual Artist Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Notably, his art has adorned U.S. embassies in Bahrain, Latvia, Angola, and Zimbabwe.

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Mindy Hawkins has been creating gourd bird sculptures for eighteen years. She carves, wood burns, paints, and dyes to turn the fruits into works of art.

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Mark is a North Florida native and has been active in the community since 2017. After graduating from UNF with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, he took a two year hiatus to work abroad before returning to pursue art education and creating new work. Mark draws inspiration from both the natural and mechanical worlds, aiming to thread a line between unconventional shapes and precise configurations. Outside of making, Mark enjoys traveling to explore new and dramatic landscapes, the features of which often influence new forms and textures in the work.

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While I don’t necessarily consider myself an “artist”, I have been a “maker” for most of my life. When I decide I want to learn something new – or to do something I’ve never done before, I spend time researching the medium, the techniques involved, the various applications that may be used, and the “masters” who have forged before me.  If it is something I think I’m capable of doing, then I dive in – headfirst - nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it is something I’m unsure about – then I resign myself to finding the best educational assistance/mentorship I can, and I allow myself to grow and be challenged throughout the learning process."


Aisling Millar McDonald was born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to Florida in 1994. She moved to Jacksonville in 2000 to attend the University of North Florida, and graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Sculpture. She received her MFA in Sculpture from East Carolina University. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of 3-D Design at UNF. Aisling has completed public sculpture commissions for the City of Amelia Island, the City of Atlantic Beach, and the Jax Chamber. She works with clay, steel, and iron creating both large and small scale projects.


Joe Segal is a North Florida artist whose most distinctive works are wall-hung sculptures carved from beams and accentuated with metal elements.  Segal’s minimalist style and subtle finishes are drawn from the inherent characteristics of the materials he works with. He describes his work as “man’s need for order intersecting with the order of nature”. 

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