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Born and raised in Romania, at 24 I made my big move to the United States to start my career as a family physician. My local environment, Florida’s East Coast, is the main source of inspiration. My photography illustrates seascapes and landscapes and offers a wide variety of colors, moods, subjects, and photo techniques.

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Art is Gail’s outlet for expression and has guided her through life, first with a career in interior design and subsequently as an award-winning sculptor and now a painter.  Her paintings have been featured in several national juried exhibitions and have won numerous awards. Locally, her work has been featured at the Jacksonville International Airport and The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens and in 2022, she was awarded a solo exhibition at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine.


Louise Freshman Brown is a mixed-medium artist whose works have been featured in museums and galleries in the United States and Europe. Solo exhibits include; Piirto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, Everson Museum, NY, The Deland Museum of Art, FL, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL and Monique Goldstrom Gallery, NYC. Group exhibitions; Galleria Retro & Arte, Venice, Italy, Advice Konsthall, Sollentuna, Sweden, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington, DC, New York Academy of Art, NYC and Boca Raton Museum of Art. Her works are in over 500 collections and she is a Distinguished Professor of Art Emerita at the University of North Florida.

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John Bunker's work seduces and beckons our attention.  Flowers dance and diaphanous angels soar through the vibrant paintings in rich, deep colors accented by metallic swirls and curlicues. As one art critic expressed, "The subjects of his paintings are simmering with energy, saturated with fragments of color, and wonderfully alive."


Certified as a Florida Master Naturalist in 2014, and trained as a Botanical Illustrator at the New York Botanic Gardens (1997-99) my work celebrates the seen and unseen. Rooted in wonder, handwork becomes meditation where sewing, drawing, and printmaking transforms humble materials into monumental immersive experiences.


Nofa Dixon, an artist with over 40 years of experience, has significantly impacted the Jacksonville community. She played a key role in shaping the art program at William M. Raines High School and served as Curator Education at the Jacksonville Art Museum. During her 18-year tenure at the University of North Florida, Dixon taught various art forms and oversaw the creation of 18 campus murals and mosaic images. Recently retired as a Professor Emerita, Dixon's art reflects a blend of her Mid-Eastern upbringing and American influences, featuring bold, colorful elements alongside subtle expressions. Her diverse portfolio spans clay forms, painting, drawing, and collage, showcasing a curious and adventurous spirit. Dixon's work has been featured in galleries nationwide and acquired by prestigious collections globally, including public commissions for notable establishments.


Haitian-born Overstreet Ducasse, arriving in the U.S. at six, embraced art as a universal language to navigate the challenges of a new environment, language, and culture. Rejecting a singular style, Ducasse believes in breaking artistic rules, producing captivating, metaphor-laden works on diverse mediums, from traditional canvas to wood frame doors. His art, driven by a quest for reason and understanding, embodies his life experiences and intellectual depth, defining his self-coined term, "Deepressionist," which encapsulates both artistic frustrations and profound contemplation.

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Doug Eng is a photographer and installation artist whose visual interests are urban and natural landscapes. Eng’s recent projects focus on raising awareness of social and environmental issues. An engineer and software programmer by education and trade, Eng is pursuing a lifelong interest in the visual arts and has established a reputation for unique imagery and meaningful public projects.

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Dedicated to artistic improvement, Michael Everett has focused his talent on landscapes since childhood. Finding inspiration in nature's splendor, he creates idealized landscapes through subtle abstraction, offering an escape from reality while rooted in it. Representing nature's beauty, Michael's work serves as a refuge from the fast-paced world. The challenge of translating three-dimensional landscapes into two-dimensional spaces captivates him, exploring atmospheric space, values, textures, and emotional subtleties. With over a decade of experience, Michael enjoys the process of crafting serene landscape images through small marks on paper.

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MJ Hinson's work reflects a deep awareness of the world. Observing nature provides him with the raw materials of color, shape, and form. Without preconceived notions, he lets natural rhythms shape his compositions. Deconstruction becomes form, chaos unifies, and the ever-changing environment is portrayed through his vision.


Christie Holechek preserves the memory of life-changing events by depicting the places, objects, and energy, surrounding her in America’s contemporary landscape at the time of the experience. With drawings, paintings, and mixed media constructions of the world around her.

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I've been creating art as long as I can remember;  My mom still likes to remind me how I drew on the walls as a child. I took my first printmaking class 15 years ago, and instantly fell in love! I continued to pursue printmaking while attending Memphis College of Art, where I received a BFA in printmaking, and Clemson University where I earned my MFA. My work is inspired by my surroundings, daily life, and the lush Florida landscape. I work very intuitively letting the process transform my marks and colors. I connect with the physicality, and tactility of the printmaking process; It's like creating 2-dimensional sculpture. I love the feel of the wood with its rough and warm touch, the meditative quality of carving layer after layer, and getting my hands inky, while mixing up new lively colors. I want to help you create a cozy space that's uniquely yours; Letting you tell your story, and express yourself through elegant timeless art. 

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Paul Ladnier, University of North Florida Professor Emeritus, taught painting and drawing for nearly forty years. He received numerous awards and recognition for the quality of his teaching and dedication to his students, the community and the university. Paul continues to travel, paint, exhibit his works, teach privately at his CoRK studio and conduct painting and drawing workshops.

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Suzanne W. Magee, a North Florida-based artist, transitioned from a nursing career in eastern Pennsylvania to study art at the University of Miami. She later earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of North Florida. Her work is featured in regional exhibitions and can be found in private collections, galleries, and public spaces, including the Mayo Clinic, Baptist Hospital, the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas, and the Ponte Vedra Inn and Resort. She's a published artist in "Picturing Florida" and maintains a studio in Jacksonville where she continues to create her art.

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Dawn Montgomery_Headshot.jpeg

Dawn Inglis Montgomery is a painter living and working in Jacksonville, Florida.  She took drawing and painting courses while studying architecture and city planning at the University of Virginia.  Completing her master’s degree at Georgia Institute of Technology she worked for seven years in the city planning field.  Influenced by this background, she is drawn to the angles and planes, and the contrast between resilience and decay, found in the urban and natural landscape.  Her paintings have been shown at ArtFields, the Cummer Museum, the Jacksonville International Airport, the University of Southern Mississippi Art Museum, the LaGrange Art Museum, and the Fort Myers Alliance for the Arts.

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Meet Brook, artist, illustrator, muralist and crazy cat lady! Born to a family full of artists, Brook couldn’t stop drawing as a kid, and traded her pencils for paints in high school. Armed with a BFA in Illustration from the world renowned Rhode Island School of Design, she's dabbled in a wide variety of mediums including glass blowing, silversmithing, animation and even puppetry. Her work is a delightful blend of playfulness and color, drawing inspiration from children's stories, tasty treats, animals, nostalgia, laid-back West Coast vibes, and good ol' Southern charm. Brook spent the last decade painting murals throughout the southeast at everyone’s favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s. She currently calls Ponte Vedra, Florida home where she paints constantly with her two cats Tink and Toby.

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Megan Reid, a Northeast Florida-based mixed media sculptor specializing in ceramics and glass, holds a degree from Jacksonville University. Her captivating artwork, inspired by natural biomes and design movements, serves as a powerful platform for environmental conservation. Beyond her creative pursuits, Megan is a registered yoga teacher and an active contributor to local beach cleanup efforts as a firefighter. Committed to positive change, she repurposes materials in her art, emphasizing the importance of avoiding a 'throwaway lifestyle' in today's era. Through her talent, Megan not only creates beauty but also inspires environmental action and community engagement in Northeast Florida.


Joe Segal is a North Florida artist whose most distinctive works are wall-hung sculptures carved from beams and accentuated with metal elements.  Segal’s minimalist style and subtle finishes are drawn from the inherent characteristics of the materials he works with. He describes his work as “man’s need for order intersecting with the order of nature”. 


 Linda Speed is a self-taught artist, mastering the technique of alcohol ink. Alcohol ink is an acid-free, vibrant, highly saturated, alcohol-based liquid dye most often moved by an air source such as a hand blower/puffer, an airbrush, or a compact hairdryer.  Linda has also conquered the difficult task of painting with these inks using a paintbrush.  All her work is sealed with an archival, UV protector.  


Barry Wilson has been working in the graphic printmaking medium for over three decades. He has exhibited prints nationally and his work is in numerous public and private collections. Wilson holds a Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University. He has taught at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida for the last 28 years. 


Larry Wilson received his Bachelor of Design Degree, University of Florida, Magna Cum Laude. After practicing in Houston, Washington, DC and New York City, Wilson relocated to Jacksonville, Florida.  He maintains a studio at the CoRK Arts District.

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